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Several Sass 'N Dash dogs have enjoyed and done extremely well in the agility ring. Agility is a fun and rewarding activity to do with your dog and creates a "one-ness" with you and your terrier. Below is a story about two great terriers, Sass 'N Dash Bailey and Sass 'N Dash Darby, both owned by Mike and Sally Murphy.


Mike Murphy (above and left with Bailey) a 6-year veteran of agility competition, has been paired for the past 4 years with the once-in-a-lifetime JRT, Sass 'N Dash Bailey. Well known in the Northeast, Bailey is the 2003 12" USDAA National Steeplechase Champion and the JRTCA National Agility Champion. It took a lot of work to get there as Bailey was quite a handful in her early days and was walked off more than one course but in the past 18 months, Mike and Bailey have become a true team, racking up an impressive list of accomplishments. Bailey started in Top Ten with Snooker in 2002, and in 2003 earned Top Ten awards in all categories, including the top 12 dog in both Gamblers and Jumpers. In 2003, Bailey earned both her MAD and AD and won 2 local GP's and 4 Steeplechase events. It's hard to say which of them loves agility the most, but there's no question that they both look forward to weekend trials with the same enthusiasm a six-year old shows for Christmas! Mike treasures the many friends he's made, and thanks them for their support.

Sass 'N Dash Darby was Mike's first agility dog, and was a great teammate while they both learned the sport of Dog Agility.

Before Darby's agility career started, he loved to race and go to ground. Darby placed first in the Novice Go to Ground at the 1997 JRTCA National, and has won several racing and Go to Ground events through the years.

Darby has also been successful with Agility in multiple venues (JRTCA, NADAC and USDAA). He was the JRTCA National Reserve Agility Champion for 1999, 2000 and 2001. Darby has earned several titles in the USDAA but his biggest accomplishment was when he achieved his USDAA's Agility Dog Championship (ADCH). Darby was the second JRT in the state of PA to earn his ADCH.

Joan was thrilled when contacted by Lenox to help them
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Joan has had the pleasure of judging at the JRTCA National in 1996 and 2004.
These are the Best and Reserve Veterans.

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